Wood Machining Course

Skill Level : Beginner / Intermediate 

Cost : £300

Duration : 2 Days

Other : None

Dates :

11-12 November 2017

3-4 March 2018

30 June - 1 July 2018

10-11 November 2018

2-3 March 2019

5-6 October 2019


About the course

This course is an introduction to using the machinery that might be found in a small to medium sized woodworking workshop and is suitable for those who have their own machinery or are considering purchasing. General Health & Safety issues will be covered, followed by setting-up, maintenance and use of the machines, with individual tuition on each machine. 

Throughout this course our overriding concern will be SAFETY!

Some previous cabinet making skills would be useful for this course, but are not essential.

What You Will Learn

The main elements covered for each machine will include safe working practices, adjusting/setting up, choice of blade & blade changing, jigs and dust extraction.


  • Dimensioning timber components
  • Cutting dovetails, wedges, tapers etc.
  • Design & use of a point fence
  • Cutting veneers
  • Cutting tenons

Table-saw with sliding table

  • Dimensioning veneered board material using the scoring unit
  • Cross cutting and cutting short lengths using the sliding table
  • Removing a waney edge
  • Cutting timber to dimension using the rip fence


  • Surface planing techniques to remove wind, cupping etc.
  • Using the fence to plane narrow edges and for angled work
  • Thicknessing

Spindle moulder

  • Cutting grooves, rebates and mouldings
  • Cutting curved components using templates
  • Cutting tenons



Biscuit Jointer

  • Butt joints
  • Mitre joints

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Read what our recent students say about the Wood Machining Course

 "I got exactly what I wanted - advice on what to look for in machine tools, which tools are more useful than others, as well as lots of tips and tricks."

"John is incredibly knowledgeable, but also made it easy to understand - plus he came across a decent guy. Cakes, biscuits and sense that this was a family venture without super-tight time keeping made this very enjoyable and refreshingly uncorporate. I picked up lots of tips and found it easy to ask questions. I also discovered that what I want is a good bandsaw rather than a good table saw and that in itself will have saved me the course fee!"

"Well structured and comprehensively covered the subjects.Time well used with sensitive feel for the needs of the participants."

"I liked the techniques side of using the machines, e.g. what joints you could make and how."

"Lots of detail. Practical advice regarding buying machinery, tailored to our circumstances."

"Very organised with every opportunity to ask a full range of questions."



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