Furniture Making Courses

Cabinet making skills and techniques are not only used in the making of furniture, they are also a prerequisite for anything other than very basic furniture restoration.

Our courses concentrate on the traditional techniques used to create fine furniture in past centuries. This is particularly relevant when restoring antique furniture, it is also critical if you wish to make furniture predominantly by hand. Particular attention is paid to tuning tools and developing hand skills.

Skills Week - Sharpening & Essential Cabinet Making Hand Skills

The Cabinetmaking Skills Week is the course you’ve been waiting for.  If you’re a complete beginner this will give you the perfect grounding; if you’ve been woodworking for a while, this will be a great tune-up, sorting out any bad habits and reinforcing fundamental skills.

Joints Explained - Making a Table

This cabinetmaking course looks at the design issues involved in making a side table, including making allowance for timber movement, and then focuses on the principles and techniques used to make a frame or carcass using hand-cut joints, with some use of machines, where appropriate.

Demystifying Dovetails - Making and Fitting a Dovetailed Drawer

This is not just cutting dovetails for sake of it, it’s more about training your hands and learning core cabinetmaking skills, cutting dovetails happens to be a very good way of judging how you’re progressing in this quest which ultimately just relies on good, solid technique and an in-depth understanding of the process and the tools that are required for success.

Conquering Chairs - Making a Child's Chair

Conquering Chairs looks at the ergonomic design issues involved in making a chair and laying out/working with angled joints and making and jointing curved components on a small scale.

Beautiful Boxes - Learning to Love Laminating

If you have any sort of urge to move on from straight lines and get a few curves into your woodworking designs, LAMINATING is going to be the vital technique that you will need to master. Learn the art of laminating whilst making a beautiful curvaceous box. 

Understanding Veneering - Making an Inlaid Tray

Veneering opens up huge opportunities for decorative work using exotic timbers and inlays, and using a vacuum press for veneering makes large panels and curved work a possibility for the amateur and the smaller professional workshop.