Mastering Design & Make - Desiging and Making a Showpiece (Term Three)

Skill Level - Students will have completed Terms One & Two

Cost - £4,700 (2017-18)

Duration - 12 Weeks

Other -  Additional Costs are dependent on each student's own designs. Timber and materials used in project work will be charged for separately.


3 Jan – 24 Mar
24 Apr – 14 Jul
18 Sep – 8 Dec

2 Jan – 23 Mar
23 Apr – 13 Jul
17 Sept – 7  Dec


About the course

This term is what the first 24 weeks have been preparing you for, it’s time for you to see what you can really do. Now all those ideas and shapes that have been bubbling away in your head are given the chance to become reality. Time to push yourself a bit, maybe try some different shapes or surface treatments and look at incorporating some new techniques to design & build a Showpiece.

These 12 weeks are all about what a designer/maker does.




What you will Learn

• DESIGN IDEAS, DRAWINGS, MODELS & TEMPLATES - Time now to look at some design principles, considering line and proportion, to create a piece of furniture right from scratch. Using sketches and scale models to finalise a design, produce working drawings, templates, cutting lists and hardware requirements.
• CUTTING LISTS & TIMBER - A cutting list will be required, timber selected, bought and machined, joints cut…….this is the complete process for designing and making a piece of bespoke furniture from initial spark of an idea to polished showpiece
• JOINTS & SEQUENCES – Before attacking any wood the most appropriate processes for jointing all of the many components will be resolved and a sequence for the assembly process decided upon, to ensure that the piece can actually be built.
• LAYING OUT & MACHINING – thoughtful positioning and orientation of components on the big sawn lumps of tree ensures the best use of the grain and figure in the timber and the most economical use of, what is usually an expensive material. Intelligent, skilful machining helps to control wood movement and keeps waste to a minimum.
• CREATING COMPONENTS & JOINT CUTTING– this is the fun part, final sizing of each of the components and accurately cutting all of the joints. Plenty of hand-work mixed in with modern jointing techniques starts to bring your design to life.
• SHAPING & ASSEMBLY - this is what all those hours of practice were all about, giving you the ability and deftness of touch to make vital adjustments to fit and outline, blending compound curves or cutting freehand mitres and, perhaps, lightening components to achieve a better balance to the final form.
• POLISHING – designing and applying an appropriate finishing system to show off your showpiece at its best.

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