Mastering Furniture Making - Making Exceptional Furniture (Term Two)

Skill Level - Students will have completed Term One

Cost - £4,700 (2017-18) 

Duration - 12 Weeks

Other -  Additional Costs are dependent on each student's own designs. Timber and materials used in project work will be charged for separately.


3 Jan – 24 Mar
24 Apr – 14 Jul
18 Sep – 8 Dec

2 Jan – 23 Mar
23 Apr – 13 Jul
17 Sept – 7  Dec 


About the Course

Having completed the first 12 week ‘Foundation’ the second term is your opportunity to put those new skills to use and make two pieces of furniture. This term will consolidate the skills and knowledge learnt in the first 12 weeks in a structured, logical way and will be a wonderful way to showcase your talents to potential clients.

• FURNITURE MAKING PROJECT - CABINET ON STAND - Your first piece of furniture is a Cabinet on Stand, this includes a huge number of the techniques learnt during the 1st Term. Incorporating many traditional and modern joints, solid wood and veneered components, shaped and inlayed embellishments, drawers and a door, fitting hinges and locks, and the whole thing will be polished to show it off at its best.

All of this is a great way of consolidating what has already been learnt, focussing on the importance of accurately dimensioning and preparing the many components that are required in the construction of this elegant and functional piece of furniture.

• FURNITURE MAKING PROJECT – CHAIR - Your second piece will be a chair, the item of furniture that is considered to really be a test of a cabinetmaker’s skills. Now we move from the reassuring security of straight lines, to curves, some cut from the solid, some laminated. Curved rails meet curved legs which twist upwards to yet another curvy component and everything’s held together with seat rails that are at angles to each other. This is an exercise in creating accurate drawings and templates to make precisely dimensioned pieces with accurately cut joints that result in crisp, clean intersections between every component. Combine this with the opportunity to use some of those hand skills using finesse tools, like the spokeshave, to demonstrate a lightness of touch for the final shaping and blending of all of the curves and angles.

Making chairs can be quite a challenge, but they’re always a challenge that I relish. I love making chairs and I love teaching people how make chairs!

Photography and lighting form a part of this course and both finished projects will be photographed for your portfolio.



An introduction to the principles of design. Combining modern materials with solid timber. Designing for shrinkage

Technical Drawing

Producing accurate scale drawings and full-sized templates


An overview of Computer Aided Design, its uses and benefits in furniture making

 Project Work

Project work forms the backbone of this course and two small items of furniture would generally be completed in the 12 weeks.

Possible projects:

    • A Cabinet with drawers and door
    • A Table with one or two drawers
    • A small Chest of Drawers
    • A Dining Chair

Advanced Techniques

Laminating and jointing curved components

Veneering large panels

Controlling shrinkage in solid wood

Advanced Machining

Spindle Moulding e.g. shaping components from templates; cutting tenons

Batch production of components

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