One Year Full Time Designer/Maker Courses

The one year designer/maker courses, attract students from a very wide range of educational and professional backgrounds and all ages from 18-80. The majority of our students do go on to launch their own businesses on completion (some students even securing commissions during the latter part of their course!).

There are, however, many passionate amateur woodworkers who dream of perfecting their skills and learning how to work to a very high standard but who are tied to another career and unable to give a whole year. For these students, TERM ONE may be taken as a stand alone module and, if personal circumstances allow, students may return and take further terms at a later date is they wish.

We highly recommend anyone considering this course visit the workshops to discuss the syllabus with John and have a chat with our current students. Students are welcome to commence their course on any term start date to suit their circumstances.

Mastering Furniture Making Skills & Techniques  Foundation Course (Term One)

This first 12 week block is arguably the most important, providing that critical foundation of essential woodworking skills that is required for either Cabinet Making or Furniture Restoration. This course is the key to all other aspects of making or restoring.

Mastering Furniture Making - Making Exceptional Furniture (Term Two)

With the 'Furniture Making Skills & Techniques' module forming the 'Foundation' for this course, the second 12 weeks is predominantly project based, focusing on applying the skills learnt in the first 12 weeks to make one or two small pieces of furniture.

Mastering Design and Make - Designing and Making a Showpiece (Term Three)

With the 'Fine Furniture Making' module forming the first 24 weeks of 'Advanced Fine Furniture Making', in the third and final 12 week Furniture Making block students are encouraged to stretch their imagination and technical ability to design and make at least one signature piece utilising advanced techniques.

Antique Furniture Restoration (Two Terms)

For for anyone wishing to become a sympathetic and accomplished furniture restorer it is imperative that they have an excellent understanding of furniture construction.  Term One 'Furniture Making Skills & Techniques' therefore, forms the 'Foundation' for this course. The second term is all about restoration and predominantly project based, with students encouraged to bring in their own, or possibly even client's, projects on which to work .