NEWSLETTER – August 2016

WHAT AN AUGUST! Such very hot days, chilly early mornings and lots of enthusiastic students and another thoroughly enjoyable working trip to Munich!We are extremely proud that three of our graduates were invited, and are currently exhibiting at the Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design at Cheltenham College. The show has become the largest selling exhibition... Read more →

NEWSLETTER – July 2016

Holiday season is now here and although we did manage to escape for a few days very welcome Portuguese sun, as I write, we are now deeply entrenched in our summer programme of Short Courses.The all new SKILLS WEEK' has proved an unprecedented success attracting an area of the market which has clearly been crying... Read more →

NEWSLETTER – June 2016

Torrential rain and flash floods  .... so much for FACEBOOK announcing that today is Midsummer's Day with a big sunny smiley face!  Better not to dwell on what we're not enjoying and more on what we are! The students on the French Polishing & Modern Hand Finishes week kept themselves nice and warm and gained some fitness too - We hadn't... Read more →


The 'Merry month of May' has certainly lived up to it's reputation.  So much has been achieved in a short space of time. Finally, we found a couple of weeks to give the Sussex Barn workshop a long overdue and very thorough make over, making it a dedicated, self-contained teaching space without any distractions. The last few days of the re-fit felt a little... Read more →

Time to make your first piece of furniture!

Introducing the all new 'JOINTS WEEK' : Making a TableDuration: 5 DaysCost: £640Notes: Students will learn how to make a side table using mortise & tenon, biscuit and mitre joints. All tools and materials will be provided. Ideally students will have some basic knowledge of sharpening tools as this does not form part of the... Read more →