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The Terrors of the Timber Yard!! – Part 2

So, you need some timber and you’ve decided that you’re happy to ‘play the game’ at the timber yard (refer to my previous blog for guidance on rules of this game); you promise not to behave like a prima donna, accept that boards with ‘split-ends’ are quite normal (although not necessarily desirable) and that you... Read more →

The Terrors of the Timber Yard!!

These days I rather look forward to my visits to the timber yard, but that wasn’t always the case, for many years the timber procurement part of furniture making wasn’t just a necessary chore, it was usually slightly terrifying, definitely not a good state of mind to be in at the start of, what should... Read more →


There really isn’t any cause for alarm, I’m pretty certain this isn’t the end of woodworking as we know it, but there seems to be a bit of a revolution happening in the world of woodworking machinery. Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machinery is hardly a new thing – I can remember taking over a joinery... Read more →

NEWSLETTER – August 2016

WHAT AN AUGUST! Such very hot days, chilly early mornings and lots of enthusiastic students and another thoroughly enjoyable working trip to Munich!We are extremely proud that three of our graduates were invited, and are currently exhibiting at the Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design at Cheltenham College. The show has become the largest selling exhibition... Read more →

DOVETAILS………still relevant after all these years?

Surely the woodworking world has come up with a better way of joining bits of wood together to make boxes or drawers than with those rather quaint, old-fashioned dovetails?Well, there are finger joints, they’re pretty quick to make with a router. If you ever have anything to do with Repro furniture you’ll have come across... Read more →