Antique Furniture Restoration


Traditional Restoration

Wax and shellac polishes, cutting and re-lay veneers,  copy and repair of carvings and turnings, restoring marquetry and inlay.


Lock Repairs & Keys

We overhaul and repair old locking mechanisms to working order and hand cut replacement iron keys. All keys are made to traditional patterns.


Rush & Cane Work

This specialist work is still carried out by hand as it has been for many centuries.



All aspects of upholstery can be carried out using traditional materials where required including horsehair.


Leather Lining & Tooling

The finest hand coloured hide and skivers are used enhanced by delicate gold leaf tooling using traditional tools and patterns.



Furniture that has been partly gilded or 'Parcel-Gilt' or perhaps gilt mirror frames can be restored using specialist water and oil gilding techniques, sensitively toned to give seamless repairs.

Antique furniture restoration requires many specialist skills. John Lloyd is able to offer a full range of restoration services so that any project may be completed without the inconvenience of having to transport pieces to several specialists. John is a fully accredited member of the British Antique Furniture Restorer’s Association (BAFRA).


The client is given a thorough appraisal of both structural and cosmetic damage to their furniture. Estimates are given free of charge. Should additional work be considered necessary once work is underway the client is immediately consulted.