Tools by Category

We are delighted to welcome you to our exciting specialist toolshop. John Lloyd has selected the finest woodworking tools, from around the world, for the discerning craftsman.

We consider these products to be the best. If we stock it, we would use it in our workshops, and if you need advice on what to buy, whether you are a complete beginner or a professional, we will be able to assist you.

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Specialist extras and products used to care for your valuable woodworking tools.

Cabinet Fittings

Brusso Hardware is the premier manufacturer of brass and stainless steel hardware for fine boxes, cabinetry, furniture, and woodworking.

Chairmaking Tools

A selection of traditional specialist tools for making chairs. Aimed particularly at making the classic Windsor type chairs although some of these tools will be invaluable for more contemporary work.

Chisels - Western

The best Western bevel edge bench chisels are my personal preference - traditionally made from hammer forged, high carbon steel but now also available in the relatively new A2 steel. As with Japanese chisels, A2 chisels may need a higher grind angle to support the edge.

Gauges, Squares & Markers

Precision marking out equipment.

Mallets and Hammers

A good mallet is a must for carving, and also for chopping out mortices and cutting dovetails.

Other Tools

A selection of useful supplementary tools that don’t naturally fall into any other category.

Planes - Bench

Bench planes are the workhorses of the workshop. The sizes required are largely down to personal preference, with the No. 5 or 5 1/2 'Jack' being probably the most versatile.

Planes - Block

The Block Plane is a very versatile small plane that fits nicely in one hand. When fitted with an adjustable mouth it can be set up for fine trimming and finishing work, as well as quick stock removal. The low angle version is designed for end grain and fine finishing work, whilst the standard angle versions are better suited for long grain work.

Planes - Shoulder

Used for fitting joints such as tenons. These planes are able to get right into corners to create crisp right-angles. Also very useful for copying mouldings and creating cross-grain mouldings.

Power Tools

A small selection of power tools which we consider to be the very best of their type on the market today.

Rasps & Rifflers

Used for shaping work by carvers and in cabinet making for curved work, particularly useful when making chairs. A good rasp or riffler actually cuts rather than just producing dust!

Replacement Blades

Thicker blades in high carbon steel to reduce blade chatter and increase the time between sharpening.


Japanese pull-saws and English pattern dovetail and tenon saws.


The most critical part of cabinetmaking to fine tolerances is sharpening. Choosing the type of bench stone is a matter of personal preference, but using a combination of the stones that we stock for honing and burnishing will mean that a razor sharp edge can be achieved quickly and easily.

Spoke Shaves

Traditionally used to shape the spokes on carriage wheels. These are excellent tools for shaping chair components and are invaluable when making cabriole legs.

Woodcarving Tools

The ability of a carving chisel to hold an edge is critical for fine work. These exceptional hand forged carving chisels are made by Auriou in France and are the choice of many professional carvers.