John Lloyd Student Tool Shop

All John Lloyd students, past and present, are welcome to purchase tools from our tool shop at a special discounted rate.  Please discuss your requirements with John or email him for prices.

Education in fine furniture craft


As with many things in life, it is a good philosophy to buy the best that you are able to afford, this is particularly true of woodworking tools. The best tools will be a joy to use, will enable you to do the best work, and will last a lifetime.
Over the years we have had the opportunity to test and use many different tools in our workshops, the tools that you find in our shop are therefore not just every make and model that we can think of, or the ones that give us a good profit margin, they are quite simply the tools that we consider to be the best, or the best quality in their price range. These are the tools that we would use in our workshops and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone attending our courses, or any woodworkers, including professional furniture makers.

Education in fine furniture craft


If you are an experienced woodworker and would like the opinion of a professional furniture maker, on the uses or benefits of a particular tool, or which tool would be appropriate for a particular job, we can give that advice, because we use the tools to make furniture ourselves.

If you are a complete beginner and have no idea what to buy to get started, we can advise you. We were beginners once, we train many beginners every year, and we know what you need and what you should avoid. If you have enrolled for one of our courses, you will be able to try many of the tools that we have for sale, during the course, which avoids the unnecessary expense of buying tools that may prove to be inappropriate.